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2016.04.17. Richard

Nemrég jelent meg egy erőteljes fotószerkesztő alkalmazás iOS-re a Polarr Photo Editor képében. Nagyon sokrétű alapprogram mely ingyenes de a plusz kiegészítőket vásárolhatunk hozzá.


Az alkalmazás egyébként elérhető android telefonokra és van egy ingyenes webes szerkesztőfelülete is melyet itt lehet elérni: Polarr Online fotószerkesztő

Say hello to your new pro photo editor. Polarr 2.0 arrives with a build-it-yourself, customizable interface that lets you personalize the perfect photo editor for you. Edit in landscape or portrait, make powerful adjustments, and apply uniquely-designed filters to create stunning edits. All your favorite adjustment tools are here- and the editor is better than ever.

This is the latest version of the popular Polarr Photo Editor for iOS, itself a mobile version of Polarr Photo Editor, which is available free (no download required) online at www.polarr.co

Polarr 2.0 Key Features

-Edit in landscape or portrait
-Drag and rearrange icons in toolbar to create your ideal editing workstation
-Intuitive, game-controller style user interface
-HSL channels and tone curves perfect your photos’ colors
-Radial and graduated filters makes local adjustments easy
-Advanced adjustments: exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows, temperature, distortions, vignette, dehaze, denoise, etc
-Infinite undo/redo and history to return to any point in your editing history
-Uniquely-designed filter collection for any occasion.
-Save your adjustments as custom filters
-3D Touch app icon to instantly import photos, with 3D Touch support inside app

**Only 10MB, so you can download anytime, anywhere.

**This editor is optimized for every iOS device separately (starting from iPhone 5s and newer), however it is best viewed on the latest devices: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPad Mini 2 and 3, iPad Air and Air 2.

“I have used many photo editing applications but this is by far the best, from basic tools such as sizing refinements, contrast and exposure to the more advanced details. Everything you could ask for in a photo editor.” – PPE user

“Sophisticated and high-quality editing tools” -Business Insider

“Just a perfectly executed app that takes photo editing on a smartphone to a whole new realm.” – Polarr iOS user, professional photographer.

“The level of detail and color editing you can do is insane.” – Polarr iOS user, mobile photographer.

Available for free on desktop at www.polarr.co.

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